Today i gonna help you repair your broken Kingston SSD that not recognized in device manager and bios.

Things that you will need:

  • Broken SSD
  • Straight Hands
  • Motherboard with SATA IDE or legacy mode
  • blank disc
  • cdrom

So, lets begin: take new firmware for V100 from official site or from here (64GB and 128GB only) and burn it to cd.

Reboot your computer and enter BIOS settings. Now change mode of youre SATA controller to IDE or legacy, if you don’t know how to do this – you can ask google.

Disconnect all drives besides ssd and boot from cd… If it detects your ssd and ask you to agree with agreement and data loss – youre damn lucky man ! Just answer Y twice and 5 minutes later if all goes ok you will succeed :)

But how i said in the title – today we are trying restore ssd that doesn’t seen in Device manager and BIOS… So disconnect power cord from it and reboot your computer again, while cd will boot up you need to plug in power cord in at the moment when flasher starts.

If you do it right way – flasher will recognize the drive and ask your a confirmation about what your a doing, if not – you may unplug power cord from ssd, plug another sata cable (from another port) type “”, then press Enter and immediately plug in ssd power cord after…

Now when the flasher see device it will offer you to update firmware on it, but when you answer “Y” twice and it try to “Get erase counts” it will fail.

So you need to plug out power cord from ssd when it try “Get erase count” and after 2-3 seconds plug it back, it will say “OK!” and start another tests, DON’T TOUCH CABLES NOW!

And now if you succeed your ssd will be updated to new firmware and work like new again !


If not you may try to do it all again or send it back to manufacturer by warranty.

Good luck, and remember: i’m not responsible to any damage you made to your hardware ! Do it all on your own risk.

Опубликовано 3 Jul. 2012 , Tech stuff

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